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PMK leader Dr. S. Ramadoss for cancellation of NEET for this academic year

Chennai, Sept 24 (BPNS)

The founder leader of Vannniyar political outfit, Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK), and a medical doctor himself, Dr. S. Ramadoss has called for the cancellation of the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) for the current academic year. He was responding to the impersonation scam during the NEET at Nagpur.

In a statement on Thursday, the PMK leader said that the confidence of the students has taken a beating after a scam that surfaced in Nagpur wherein a coaching institute had promised admission to Government Medical colleges if the candidates pay Rs 50 lakh. The institute was putting up people who are experts in the subject to write the NEET on behalf of the student who coughs up Rs 50 lakh.

The PMK leader said that the CBI has already registered a case and the coaching institute people have already deposed before the premier investigating agency that they have indeed taken 50 lakh per head promising medical seats at Government medical colleges.

Dr. Ramadoss in the statement said, “When NEET was implemented in 2010,  it was stated that it would improve the standard of medical education in the country and that it would end commercialization of medical education in India.”

He said that instead of clearing irregularities in admission procedures to Medical college, the central government must look into the irregularities taking place in NEET, torpedoing the lives of lakhs of students across the country.

He said that such instances of impersonation have thrashed the morale of genuine students who burnt midnight oil to study the lessons and writes the exam for a bright future.

The PMK leader said that these irregularities have destroyed the faith of the students in NEET and the medical admission in the country.

Dr. Ramadoss said that the admissions for the present academic year must be conducted on the basis of the Plus 2 marks of the students and NEET be canceled for the year.

It is to be noted that PMK is an alliance partner of the BJP in Tamil Nadu even though it has announced that it would contest the rural local body elections on its own. The statement of the PMK leader against NEET is considered by the political circles in Tamil Nadu, that being a shrewd political leader, Dr.Ramadoss is testing waters before crossing over to the DMK front.

He is already sore that his son and former Union health minister, Dr. Anbumani Ramadoss was not given a berth in the expanded Narendra Modi cabinet.