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Rape accused IAF officer handed over to IAF for court-martial proceedings

- October 1, 2021

Chennai, Oct 1 (BPNS)

A 29-year-old Flight Lieutenant with the Indian Air Force who was charged for allegedly raping his colleague at the IAF Administrative college at Red Fields, Coimbatore was handed over to the Air Force.

Judge (in-charge) N. Thilageswari of the Mahila Court, Coimbatore directed the police to hand over the case to the Indian Air Force. The IAF had argued that under the provisions of the Indian Air Force Act 1950, the case be handed over to them for court-martial proceedings.

N. Sundaravadivelu, the counsel of the accused argued that the case is probed only by court-martial and if proved the guilty would be punished.

However, the Coimbatore All Women Police who had taken the accused in custody argued that he be handed over to them for further questioning. The police requested two days of custody of the accused officer.

The advocate appearing for the accused also stated that the IAF should take cognizance of the FIR registered by the City police and that investigation cannot be continued without the documents collected by Civil police.

The Flight Lieutenant was arrested on September 25 after a 28-year-old Woman IAF officer complained that she was sexually assaulted by the accused entering her room while she was sleeping after taking a medication.

According to the FIR of the Coimbatore Police, the woman IAF officer has alleged that the IAF officers including the medical officers were trying to put pressure on her to withdraw the complaint. She also complained that she was subjected to the Supreme court, banned  “Two-finger” test by the Air Force medical department.

The accused Flight Lieutenant was taken to the Air Force Administrative College, Red Fields immediately after the court pronounced the judgment.