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BJP on meticulous organizational planning in Puducherry to win maximum municipal council seats

Puducherry, Oct 6 (BPNS)

The BJP which has not won a single seat in the municipal council elections when it was last held in 2006 is planning meticulously for a good win in the municipal elections.

The Puducherry State Election commission is to issue a new notification for the municipal elections after its plea to withdraw the already issued notification was allowed by the Madras High Court on Tuesday. The BJP which had a weak organizational structure earlier has now developed its party structure after the 2021 assembly polls in which the party won six seats.

The party has also nominated three leaders as legislators and has a Rajya Sabha MP in party leader Selvaganabathy.

Party state president Swaminathan, party national secretary in charge of the Union Territory, Nirmal Kumar Surana, and the state Home minister and party leader, A. Namasivayam are now working on the strategies for a thumping win in the municipal elections for the BJP.

While BJP is trying hard to get a footprint in the municipal elections which would give it much-needed leverage at the grassroots level, the lack of known public faces is a major issue for the state BJP.

There is no leader who has an appeal among the masses of Puducherry as well as no credible local leaders who can swing the votes.

A senior leader of the BJP while speaking to BPNS said, “BJP will have to project some good leaders for the people to support us and for this either we may have to increase the level of efficiency of our existing leaders or have to opt for roping in established leaders from other parties. Trying leaders from our ally parties is also another option.”

While BJP may not have a public figure or a known leader to pull of the election victory, it is chalking out an efficient election strategy with full-timers being deputed across the territory to win the municipal elections. The idea of the BJP is to stamp its popularity among the masses and thereby be in power in the UT independently.

It is to be noted that BJP is in alliance with All India NR Congress to share power in Puducherry with AINRC leader, N. Rangasamy leading the coalition government as Chief Minister.

Mohammed Riyas of Mahe Institute of Development Studies, a think tank based out of Mahe in Puducherry while speaking to BPNS said, “The attitude of the people towards the BJP has changed definitely and it is for the better for that party. However, it cannot rest on its laurels and have to work hard among the people to pull off some exciting victories in the municipal elections.”