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Fasting SC PhD scholar at MG University lashes out against Kerala Governor

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 7 (IANS)

The Scheduled Caste research scholar of Mahatma Gandhi University, Deepa P. Mohan who is on a fast for the past ten days over discrimination against her based on her Dalit identity has come out strongly against the Chancellor of the University, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan.

Deepa who was admitted to a hospital after her health parameters dropped following the tenth day of fasting reached back to her fasting venue and said that the Kerala Governor even after being at Kottayam for the past two days did not visit her venue. She said that the Governor was misled by the MG University Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Sabu Thomas, and Professor Nandakumar Kalarickal against whom she has leveled several allegations including sexual harassment charges.

The research scholar said that even after she had tried to meet the Kerala Governor several times to air her grievances to him as he was the Chancellor of the University, she was not given an appointment.

She also said that the Governor’s statement that both the sides should come down from their respective stand was not acceptable and said that the Governor himself had said that he had not studied her issue in detail. Deepa P. Mohan while speaking to media said, “How can Kerala Governor say that I should come down from my position? He himself has said that he has not studied my issue in detail and how can he make a comment without knowing the issue.”

The PhD scholar also came out heavily against the ruling CPM and said that Kerala cooperative minister, V.N.Vasavan had intervened in the matter in favour of the erring Professor Nandakumar Kalarickal. She also said that the former health minister of Kerala, K.K.Shailaja had also put pressure on her to withdraw the case against the Professor.

Deepa while speaking to media persons said, “ The Kerala higher education minister is the wife of the CPM Kerala acting secretary and she has thrown her weight behind Nandakumar Kalarickal. Her social media posts supporting me are all farce. CPM is behind this Professor and he has openly stated that he would be protected by the party at any cost.”

The CPM which is vibrant in social media over the success of the Tamil movie ‘Jaibhim’ in which a CPM activist Advocate Chandru had fought for getting the rights of an Irula, Scheduled Caste woman is now red-faced as the allegations are raised by a Dalit PhD scholar citing CPM aligning with a tormentor.