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Chennai city police form two Serious Crime squads to curtail extortion, murders

- December 30, 2021

Chennai, Dec 30 (BPNS)

Chennai city police have formed two Serious Crime Squads on Thursday under two Additional commissioners of police of the north and south zone. The Crime squad will be responsible to monitor known rowdies and history sheeters and preventing extortions and murders in the city.

Each unit under the Additional commissioner will have one Assistant commissioner,  two inspectors, four sub-inspectors, and 16 other officers and a government order was issued on Tuesday by Additional Chief Secretary, S.K. Prabakar.

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin who is also in charge of the home department had assured the people that crime syndicates and murders will be crushed with an iron hand and no one will be allowed to get free after committing a crime.

The special crime squad will monitor the criminals who are lodged in Puzhal central prison and will also keep a track of those who are coming out of the jail. The syndicates that were earlier arrested for drug trafficking, human trafficking, extortions, money laundering will be monitored.

The two special squads will meet once every two days and evaluate the progress and ensure that all criminals will be crushed and brought before justice.