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Five dies in firecracker unit blast near Sivakasi in TN

- January 1, 2022

Chennai, Jan 1 (BPNS)

Five people died when blast took place at a firecracker unit in Pudupatt near Sivakasi on Saturday morning. Ten people are seriously injured in the blast.

The accident took place in the morning and fire and rescue personal are working to douse the fire.

The firecracker unit is owned by Murugan of Padupatti and the explosion took place at the chemical blending unit in the 24 room firecracker unit.

Sivakasi fire station officer, K.P. Balamurugan who is leading the rescue operations said that the fire and rescue personal have retrieved three bodies and is searching under the debris. Two people died in the hospital and the condition often others who are admitted with injuries is serious.

Fire force teams from Sivakasi and Vathirairuppu stations are leading the rescue operations and 20 units are at the premises. The Nathampatti police have registered a case and commenced investigation.