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11-year-old boy shot by a bullet from CISF camp dies in TN

Chennai, Jan 3 (BPNS)

An 11-year-old boy, Pugazhendhi who was shot accidentally by a bullet from the shooting range of CISF at Narthamalai in Pudukottai district died on Monday at Thanjavur Medical College hospital.

The boy after being hit by the stray bullet from the shooting range on Thursday, December 30th,2021 was rushed to Pudukottai medical college hospital and after his condition turned critical was taken to Thanjavur medical college. The bullet was surgically removed from the head of the boy.

Pugazhendhi got hit by the bullet at a distance of 2km from the shooting range while he was at his grandparent’s residence.

The Pudukottai district administration had ordered the shutting down of the shooting range temporarily till an assessment of the incident is done.