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Tamil Nadu DGP wants police to be polite while checking during night curfew, lockdown

- January 8, 2022

Chennai, Jan 8 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Director General of Police, C. Sylendra Babu has given a directive to the police personal to be polite to the public while conducting checking during the night curfew and on Sunday lockdown.

The DGP in a statement on Friday said that the police personal must wear gloves and sanitize their hands regularly during the checkups and behave courteously with the public.

In a set of guidelines to police personal across the state, Sylendra Babu said that the night checks must be conducted at places where there was proper lighting. He also directed the force to erect night barricades and also to wear reflector jackets.

He also directed the police to allow candidates who were writing competitive examinations to travel freely and to check the hall tickets and necessary identity cards for that.

The state police chief also said that food delivery was allowed from 7 am to 10 pm on lockdown day also and directed the police to check the identity of the delivery boys and allow them to reach the destinations. He also asked the police force to check the identity of essential vendors like milk suppliers, gas suppliers, and other essential items and allow them to travel.

The Tamil Nadu DGP called upon the state police personal to check the identity of Government employees, staff of banks, public transport, and local bodies and allow them to proceed to their workplace.

People traveling to airports, railway stations, and bus stations in their own vehicles or taxis be allowed to travel on showing the tickets for the journey, the police chief in the directive issued said.