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TN police for establishing a separate narcotics department to curtail drug menace

- February 7, 2022

Chennai, Feb 7 (BPNS)

With Tamil Nadu police seizing 112 kg of ganja in the first week of February from the state, the demand for a separate Narcotic bureau in the state police in the lines of Narcotics Control Bureau has gained momentum in the state.

Police officials said that during the month of January, the department seized 485 kg of ganja and this high level of seizure of the banned substance has led to brainstorming in the department for a separate narcotics department in the state.

According to police officers who have led the hunting down of peddlers and seized ganja, most of the contraband was reaching the state from Andhra Pradesh. The drug, according to the police was pushed into the state in two-wheelers and in luxury four-wheelers including Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) Families are also in some cases used to bring in drugs so that the smuggling goes unnoticed.

Tamil Nadu police officers are of the opinion that in almost all the cases the last link of the chain is being arrested but the kingpins managed to escape and that the last link of the chain could easily be replaced. This is the major issue being faced by the state police to bust the ganja gangs in the state and hence the discussions for a separate Narcotics bureau in the state to prevent drug peddling.

Students in professional colleges on conditions of anonymity told BPNS that drug peddling has become a lucrative deal and the peddlers are also offered the drugs and money by people who are operating from outside the state.

A student of a leading engineering college in Chennai while speaking to BPNS said, “ I was involved in smoking the drug but now I have quit. This is on an increase in the state and pushers are mostly students who need quick bucks. In most cases the students who bring in these drugs are users and hence proper awareness is created among the students on the pitfalls of this.”

Police officers have already submitted a proposal to the state Director General of Police (DGP) on the necessity to crack down on the drug menace and to establish a separate Narcotics division in state police to pursue cases relentlessly and to bring the main players in the trade to books.

The state police officers who are into the crackdown are of the opinion that unless the major gang leaders are arrested and brought to book, the menace would continue and for that, a separate entity is required in the state police.