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Workshop against human trafficking conducted in Chennai with US consulate support

Chennai, Feb 24 (BPNS)

A day-long workshop to create awareness against human trafficking was conducted at Erode in Tamil Nadu on February 23 by the Rights Education and Development Centre (READ) with support from the US consulate, Chennai. The workshop was titled,” Frontline Defenders Against Trafficking in Persons in Tamil Nadu: Building Capacity of Community leaders”.

The workshop is the first of its kind of four workshops against human trafficking to be conducted by READ with support from the US Consulate. The participants in the workshop are mainly women leaders, community leaders, and panchayat members. The other three workshops on the same subject will be held at Thanjavur, Tiruchi, and Tirupur in the coming months.

Justice Gopinath, Sub–Judge of Erode District Legal Service Authority participated and offered remarks in the session which was attended by 40 members.

The workshops, according to Kuppusamy Raman, Director, READ is to create awareness among the participants on human trafficking,  their capacity to identify at-risk and vulnerable populations in their districts to prevent it, and their ability to work closely with judicial, law enforcement, and governmental agencies to rescue and rehabilitate victims.

Kuppusamy Raman said, “ Our aim is to enable panchayat, community, and youth leaders to be frontline defenders against human trafficking”.

According to a statement from the US consulate,  Chennai, an estimated 29.4 million people are victims of the human trafficking racket worldwide. The victims include children and adults of all ages and with different nationalities and backgrounds. These people are exploited by the human traffickers for their own benefit.