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Fishermen to be affected over fishing ban due to IMD prediction of heavy rains in TN

Chennai, March 4 (BPNS)

The heavy rains in Tamil Nadu predicted by the Indian Meteorological department due to an unexpected weather movement from March 3 to March 6th has affected the fishermen community in large numbers.

The fishing ban in the state for large vessels and fishing trawlers will be affected from April 15th for a period of two months and all the fishing vessels including deep sea trawlers do maximum business during the month of March.

The trawlers and deep sea fishing boats are asked to stay at harbors like Nagapattinam, Poompuhar, Karaikal, and Pazhayaiar from March 3 to March 6th.

K. Sukanakanthan, a boat owner from Ramanathapuram while speaking to BPNS said, “ We are to effect a fishing ban for two months from April 15 onwards. No deep-sea fishing and trawlers are allowed to fish in water. The only season for us to get some good catch and thereby money is the present month of March and every day is important for us. This unexpected fishing ban due to a sudden weather development will create holes in our pockets.”

The fishing ban has also affected the lives of ordinary fishermen who generally fish near Palk Street.

R.M. Akhil Pandiyan of Ramanathapuram who is a traditional fisherman while speaking to BPNS said, “We have faced the brunt of the attack from Sri Lankan navy while fishing near Katchatheevu and we were subject to stone-pelting and if accidentally someone crosses the IMBL, he is arrested and put in jail. We could not fish for several days and now when we are somehow managing fishing, the order banning fishing due to the sudden weather forecast will put us in great difficulty. The season was good and we were getting a good catch of Mackeral and this sudden ban for four days will lead to heavy losses for ordinary fishermen like us.”

The fishermen also said that they are getting a good catch of both Mackeral and Sardine during this time but stopping the fishing for four days will lose the rhythm of fishing.

With the unseasonal rains causing panic in the coastal areas,  the government has directed the state disaster management and revenue departments to have a dialogue with the leaders of the fishermen community.