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Five-member Islamist gang arrested in Coimbatore,TN for attempt of murder

- March 9, 2022

Chennai, March 9(BPNS)

A five-member gang belonging to an Islamist outfit was apprehended by the Coimbatore city police on Tuesday night acting on an intelligence tip off.

The gang had reached Coimbatore a couple of days ago and was planning to execute Kumaresan, a resident of the city who had opposed the conversion of his son Arun Kumar to Islam following his marriage to a Muslim girl.

Police said that Arun Kumar (28) of Coimbatore, son of Kumaresan was working in a private firm in Hyderabad and married a Muslim girl, Sahana Hashmi Mohammed of Tiruvarur.

The marriage was solemnised at a temple in Coimbatore as per Hindu customs with the support of Arun Kumar’s parents. After the marriage, the girl’s mother Noor Nisha, an office-bearer of a Muslim outfit in Tiruvarur called up Arun Kumar and asked him to convert to Islam. This was opposed by Arun’s father Kumaresan.

Infuriated, Nisha, according to police approached Fakruddin who is the President of Indian Muslim Development Association (IMDA) from Kodungaiyur in Chennai, and allegedly sought his help to eliminate Kumaresan. Fakruddin conspired with four others, Imran Khan, Saddam Hussein, M. Mohammad Ali Jinnah and T. Ajai from Uttar Pradesh to murder Kumaresan and reached Coimbatore with deadly weapons.

However, the Tamil Nadu police intelligence tipped off the local police on the presence of strangers in Coimbatore for the past two days. Selvapuram police promptly acted and arrested the gang and seized their weapons.

The criminal gang was charged with Sections 153 A(1)(b), 120 B of IPC, and Section 7(1)(a) of Criminal Law Amendment Act and remanded in Judicial custody at Avinashi Jail.

Police said that they had received specific intelligence report of a gang from Chennai of an Islamic outfit camping in Coimbatore to create some murder and with deadly weapons procured from North Indian states.

Saddam Hussein was the first person to be arrested after finding him in suspicious circumstances and on interrogation, he confessed that he was monitoring Kumaresan’s movement and passing on to other gang members. All the five were arrested later by the Selvapuram police.