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Fresh Covid cases fall below 100 in TN after 2 years

Chennai, March 14 (BPNS)

The state of Tamil Nadu recorded 95 fresh Covid cases on Sunday, the first time the state has reported less than 100 fresh cases since March 30, 2020.

Tamil Nadu State Public Health department in a statement on Sunday said that 95 persons (48 men and 47 women ) tested positive on Sunday for Covid -19 on conducting 41,859 tests. At present, there are 1173 active cases in the state who are either treated at hospitals or at homes.

Chennai recorded 35 fresh cases while Coimbatore had 10. In 14 districts of the state no fresh cases were reported, the state public health department said.

Chengaplapptu had seven fresh cases while Kancheepuram had five. Both these districts are adjacent to the Chennai district.

 There were no deaths reported due to Covid -19 on Sunday. It may be noted that 38,023 people had died in Tamil Nadu due to Covid -19 to date.

223 people recovered from the infection on Sunday and the total number of people who had recovered from diseases touched, 34,12,714 in the state so far.

Public health department statement also said that during the third wave January 22 was the peak day with 30,744 fresh cases being detected on testing 1,55,648 samples. 33 people died due to Covid -19 on that day and 1,94, 697 people were under treatment on January 22.