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TN Budget 2022: 10 crore allocation for early flood warning systems

Chennai, March 18 (BPNS)

Tamil Nadu Finance minister, PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan has in the budget for 2022-23 presented in the legislative assembly on Friday allocated an amount of Rs 10 crore for early flood warning systems.

The Tamil Nadu government has decided to establish an advanced early warning system with supercomputers, a system of weather balloons, two weather radars,100 automatic weather stations, 400 automatic rain gauges, and 11 automatic water levels instruments. The allocation of Rs 10 crore in the budget is to set up these instruments.

Palanivel Thiagarajan in his speech said, “ The sudden floods which happened in Chennai recently has underscored the need to upgrade the Disaster Early warning systems to predict the weather accurately.”

The Government of Tamil Nadu has also formed an Advisory Committee to make suitable recommendations to prevent damages caused by floods in Chennai.

It may be noted that the recent sudden floods in Chennai and other places have led the government to introduce an early warning system and the budgetary allocation of Rs 10 crore is to immediately establish the advanced early warning systems.