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TN YouTuber buys Rs 2.6 lakh bike using 1 rupee  coins collected over three years

- March 28, 2022

Chennai, March 28 (BPNS)

A YouTuber and Computer operator from Salem in Tamil Nadu, Bhoopathi bought his dream bike costing 2.6 lakh rupees and the money was paid in 1 rupee coins that he had saved in the past three years.

The showroom staff said that it took ten hours to count the money which was paid in coins of 1 rupee.

The YouTuber had set his eyes on a bike Bajaj Dominar 400 and when he enquired at the showroom three years ago the bike was costing 2 lakh rupees. He didn’t have had that money then and when he contacted the showroom recently the cost of the bike was 2.61 lakh.

Bhoopathy (29) had saved this much money and that too in 1 rupee coins. He had exchanged his currency notes and collected 1 rupee coins for purchasing this motorbike.

The money was brought in a van and then offloaded to the showroom in wheelbarrows.

The manager of the Bajaj showroom, Mahavikranth while speaking to media said that he was reluctant to collect 1 rupee coins but when found that Bhoopathi had collected the coins just for the sake of buying this bike he agreed.

Bhoopathy, his friends, and five showroom staff counted the money and it took 10 long hours for this.