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Sea coast face most of the environmental issues: Gopalji Arya

- July 20, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, July 20(BPNS)

Environment protection organization national coordinator Gopalji Arya said that sea is facing the brunt of environmental issues. He said that people living close to the sea coast and those who depend on the sea for a living are also facing environmental issues.
Each one of us should take the initiative to protect the sea, fishermen, and those who live near the coasts.
Gopalji Arya was delivering the inaugural address of the organizing committee for Coastal cleaning programme as part of the global programme to clean the coastal areas here on Tuesday.
The coastal cleaning mission of 2022 is being held globally on September 17th.

The government of India has put forward the campaign ‘ Clean Sea, Secured Sea’, he said

Gopalji Arya said that in India there is a coastal line of 7500 km in 75 districts of the country. He said that in Kerala, 589 km of coastal area is spread across 9 revenue districts of the state.

The national coordinator said that the idea is for at least 75 volunteers for 1km cleaning in each area along with the soldiers as part of the 75th Independence Day celebrations.

He said that all panchayaths, municipal and corporation divisions that fall in coastal areas would be the places to clean.
Gopalji Arya said that in such places social organizations, schools, companies, and prominent persons will be part of the cleaning process.
Dr.N.P. Induchoodan presided in the meeting. Former Director of Kerala Water Authority, Dr. Subash Chandra Bose, Inspector General of Police (Rtd), Gopinath, Sethunath Malayalappuzha, P. Rajashekharan, Aneesh Karamana, Rajesh Chandran, and Udyanan Nair spoke on the occasion.
A 101-member organizing committee is constituted for the smooth conduct of the project.

M.S.Faisal Khan (Chairman), Dr.V. Subash Chandra Bose (Working Chairman), and Sethunath Malayalapuzha ( General Convenor).