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Murder : 21 year old suspect nabbed from Chennai

- August 8, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, August 8, BPNS

A 21-year-old migrant laborer has been arrested for allegedly murdering a 68-year-old woman in the capital city, Thiruvananthapuram on Monday. The accused, Adam Ali was arrested by the Railway Protection Force from Chennai. It was on Sunday that Adam fled to Chennai after committing the said murder of the senior citizen during the theft. The victim, Manorama, was staying near the construction site where Adam worked. 

According to police, Adam was on his way to his native place (West Bengal) when he first boarded a train to Chennai from Thiruvananthapuram central. From there he had plans to catch the Shalimar Express. 

“But we intimated our counterparts in Tamil Nadu and West Bengal including the RPF about the incident and details of the absconding person. As soon as he alighted at the Chennai Central Railway Station he was arrested by the RPF. A team from here has gone to Chennai and he will be brought here on Tuesday,” said a police official. 

It was on Sunday that Adam is said to have murdered Manorama. As per local accounts, her husband Dinaraj was not there in the house as he had gone to his daughter’s house at Varkala. 

“A neighbor heard a scream from the house where Manorama was living by Sunday noon. She alerted Dinaraj. He then alerted us. When we went to the house, Manorama was not there. The front door, as well as the back door, were seen opened. We then alerted the police. It was only on Sunday night that her dead body was found inside a well of a locked house nearby. Her body was dumped into the well with some bricks tied to her feet. A shawl was also seen around her neck,” said a neighbor. 

The neighbor also added that Manorama’s family had complained about ornaments missing from her body. 

According to police, as of now, they are of the assumption that Adam alone had done the crime. But they also added that some clarity is needed on how he alone carried the body to the nearby well. 

“After committing the crime he told his friends that he had a quarrel with the lady and he beat her. So he can’t stay here any longer. He then packed his items and left. He planned to leave the state,” added the police official. 

Adam along with some other migrant laborers was staying near Manorama’s house as construction workers. They also had access to the victim’s house as they were allowed to use the water for construction purposes and cooking purposes. It is learned that Adam might have kept an eye on the house to strike at the best opportunity for theft.