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DMK to celebrate September as Dravidian month

Chennai, Sept 6 (BPNS)

The ruling DMK is set to celebrate the month of September as a Dravidian month. The party has decided to celebrate in this manner as the ideologues of the Dravidian movement, E.V. Ramaswamy Periyar and C.N. Anandurai were born this month and the anniversary of the party launch is also this month.

A walkathon will be conducted through Robinson park, Chennai where the party was launched. DMK IT wing has planned a slew of programmes including a Twitter discussions with the second-rung leaders of the party.

Senior functionaries of the IT wing said that the party needs to reintroduce the ideals of the former leaders and clarity of organizational thoughts as several youths were getting influenced by the right-wing campaigns.

The IT wing is creating a Twitter space to enter into discussions with like-minded people. The second rung of leaders of the party will take part in ideological discussions on this platform and will explain the need for a progressive Dravidian movement in the present scenario through which the country is moving ahead.

The party IT wing will also be showcasing past leaders of the party and their struggles through short documentaries. This includes the fights these leaders had carried out for social justice and social equality.

Several leaders of the party with ideological moorings will also take classes on the Dravidian thoughts and how progressive the society could be taken forward through this movement and the ideological clarity it offers.