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OPS comes out strongly against power tariff hike in TN

- September 11, 2022

Chennai, Sept 11 (BPNS)

O. Panneerselvam, estranged leader of AIADMK and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu has come out strongly against the decision of the state government to effect hike in tariff rates of the state from Saturday.

In a statement on Sunday, the former Chief Minister condemned the DMK government for the increase in tariff rates of Domestic consumers and called upon an immediate roll back on the rates.

OPS reminded the DMK of its 2021 assembly poll promise that it would increase the free electricity to handloom workers by 300 units and by 1000 units for powerloom units.

He said that he had opposed this anti–people law of the DMK government when it was mooted in the state legislative assembly during the month of July. He also said that the Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission has through its announcement to people to give up the free 100 units of power was a major shocker.’

The former Chief Minister also said that Private schools, private management schools, and private hostels would pass on the hiked charge to public.