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Man who burnt alive an elderly couple also succumbs

Thiruvananthapuram, October 3 (BPNS)

The man who burnt alive an elderly couple in Thiruvananthapuram also succumbed to the burn injuries on Monday. It was on Saturday that the couple got murdered at Madavoor in Kilimanoor in Thiruvananthapuram out of an alleged two-and-a-half decades-old personal grudge. The alleged murderer Sasidharan Nair, 75, of Ajith Bhavan in Panappamkunnu was undergoing treatment at the Government Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram. He was once the neighbour of deceased couple Prabhakarakurup (67) and his wife Vimaladevi (64).

As per local accounts, Sasidharan had avenged the tragedies that he suffered in his personal life. His two children had committed suicide. It is said that Prabhakarakurup had helped Sasidharan’s son to secure employment abroad. But he committed suicide there. Later after a few years gap Sasidharan’s daughter also committed suicide. Sasidharan is said to have believed that Prabhakarakurup is responsible for his son’s loss and had even filed a complaint against him.

“He fought a legal battle against Prabhakarakurup that lasted for more than 20 years. The day before the fateful incident the court acquitted him from the charges leveled by Sasidharan. It seems this had influenced him to commit this extreme act,” said a local.

A police official had then said that Sasidharan had a grudge towards Prabhakarakurup and this grudge is two and a half decades old. Sasidharan had attacked the couple first with a hammer and then he burnt them alive. He had brought the hammer, the fuel, and a matchbox with him. The bag containing the same was later found outside the house.

While Prabhakarakurup breathed his last at the place of the incident itself, his wife succumbed during treatment.