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Kerala Police chief convenes meeting as police atrocities mounts

- October 25, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram, October 25, (BPNS)

With police stations becoming the epicenter of police atrocities in Kerala, state police chief Anil Kant convened a meeting of Zone IGs, Ranges DIGs, and district police chiefs via online.

According to the chief, using force must be limited in such situations as stipulated by the law. He also added that if an officer is using force if someone obstructs the former from discharging duty, it should be lawful.

“The functioning of police stations will get strengthened further. Respective district police chiefs must have an idea of the incidents happening at various police stations under their jurisdiction. For that, the district special branch will have to heighten their operation,” said Anil.

He also directed that procedures, as listed in the law, will have to be followed while bringing persons to police stations concerning cases or criminal activities. The duty of ensuring the medical examination of persons will rest with sub-divisional police officers and respective station house officers.

Another major direction given by the police chief is that the district police chiefs will have to visit police stations under their jurisdiction at regular intervals.

The other day, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan stated that stern action will be taken against those officers who tarnish the reputation of the police force.

In a Facebook post, the CM said that even with a long list of achievements, some incidents have tarnished the image of the police force.

“Kerala has the best policing in the country and this achievement was due to the LDF government’s policing policy. This government will not allow such isolated incidents to tarnish the image of the police force in the state,” said Vijayan, who is also the home minister.

He further added, “It’s a serious matter that such isolated incidents tarnish the image of the police. We will not show any mercy towards such officers. A flawless investigation will be conducted and those found guilty will not have a place in the force.”

He said the government will take stern action against those officers who degrade the police force which has got a good track record.

The CM’s comment has come on various incidents of police atrocities, especially the one that took place at the Kilikolloor Police Station in Kollam where two brothers, one of them an Army personnel, got beaten up badly by some officers for a petty issue.