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Man ,his 5 dogs electrocuted in TN 

- November 13, 2022

Chennai, Nov 13 (BPNS)

A 35-year-old hunter and his five dogs were electrocuted when they came in contact with a live electric fence erected around a farm. The illegal electric fence was erected around a farm near Aranganallur in Madurai district of Tamil Nadu.

The incident occurred on Sunday early morning. The deceased Manickam (35) along with L. Karuppusamy (29) and R. Manoj (27) had gone for hare hunting later Saturday night.

Manickam and his five dogs came in contact with the live electric fence and were electrocuted instantly. His friends managed to escape.

Police have taken into custody, Ashok Kumar (43), owner of the agricultural farm where illegal fencing was erected. Sources in Aragnallur, Madurai told BPNS that Manickam and his friends were regulars in hunting hares and that he had accidentally come in contact with the illegal electric fence.