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Miraculous escape for biker in Thoothukudi, TN

Chennai, Dec 15( BPNS)

In a freak road accident a biker escaped miraculously after a rope from a truck carrying fertilisers entangled on the neck of the biker throwing him out of the bike and falling on the ground.

Muthu , the biker from Srivaikuntam town in Thoothukudi district was going for work and in Eral area when he was crossing a truck he was suddenly thrown off into the air and fell on the ground. Local people rushed to the spot and took him to the hospital. He escaped with minor injuries.

The CCTV footage from the nearby shop revealed that a rope harness tied over the truck was cut off and fell on Muthus neck throwing him off the bike.

Eral police in Thoothukudi district commenced investigation. Police sources told IANS that they are investigating the matter and after close

Examination of the CCTV footage will decide on further action.