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Sindh movement to organise Webinar on Pak surrender and Bangladesh formation

Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement along with Indus Freedom council are jointly organising a webinar, "Anniversary of Pakistan Surrender and Creation of Bangladesh in 1971" .

Washington. Dec 17( BPNS)

The Jaey Sindh Freedom movement and Indus Freedom council are jointly organising a seminar ,” Anniversary of Pak surrender and Creation of Bangladesh in 1971″. There is a specific ideological, historical, strategic affairs, strategic affairs, military and geoplitical factors led to the watershed movement in history.

Pakistan army surrendered before the might of Indian army on December 16, 1971 and created Bangladesh of today. The watershed movement in history had specific ideological, historical, strategic affairs, military and geopolitical factors that led to the creation of Bangladesh. With similar factors emerging, there are developments in Sindh, Balochisthan and Khyber- Pakhtunwa provinces.

One of the panelists for the webinar, Robert Lancia had served twice in the Rhode Island House of Representatives. He was instrumental in making the state government more transparent and accountable by introducing legislation . He had also fought for zero -based budgeting , line item veto and voter initiatives. Robert Lancia is also a retired Navy Chaplain and disabled vet who had served with Navy, Coast Guard and Marines.

The second speaker, Priyajit Debasarkar is an independent political analyst with special interest in the geo political history of Bangladesh and Pakistan. He has studied extensively on the relationship between the leading political figures in West and East Pakistan in the three decades leading up to Bangaldesh’s war of Independence and her emergence as a sovereign nation.

Chris Blackburn is another speaker and is the Communications Director of the Swiss Inter Strategy Group(SeissISG). He is the European outreach at Global Friends of Afghanisthan (GFA) and works with the European Bangladesh Forum(EBF) and the Crystal Bayat Foundation. He was awarded the Friend of Bangladesh by the Government of Bangladesh for his work in international relations and security.

He has been an active campaigner for international recognition of the Bangladesh Genocide of 1971. Chris was also given a letter of recognition from Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi in 2022. This was in recognition for his work in security and international relations.

Chris works with politicians, law firms, diplomats, think tanks, brands and businesses to imrpove communication and strategy.

For online registration to participate in the programe, the link, htttps://bit.ly/ifsem22 or at https://ifsem22.eventbrite.com.