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Coimbatore introduce ‘Neighbourhood Police’ to get info on criminals

Chennai, Dec 19 (BPNS)

The Coimbatore City police have formally rolled out the ‘Neighbourhood Police’ to get information of anti social elements and the police department will deploy cops assigned to each area. The details of the concerned policeman who is in charge of a specific area will be displayed prominently in the assigned area.

The policemen in each station will be assigned specific areas and the public can communicate with these cops to prevent any anti social activities that was happening in their neighbourhood.

The local people need not visit the police station to communicate with the police and can contact the cop assigned duty in that particular area to express their issues.

The policemen will be provided with visiting cards in which their contact details, and the details of the respective police stations will be provided for the public to reach out to the policemen.

The details of superior officers will also be provided in the cards and if the local policeman assigned to each area is not acting, then the public can contact the superior officer whose details are provided in the visiting card.

A senior officer of Coimbatore police while speaking to BPNS said, “ While the idea is to curb anti-social activities the neighbourhood police can actively work among the local residents and come to know of any suspicious activities that were taking place in their localities. The October 23rd Coimbatore car blast in which a radicalized youth, Jameesha Mubin died is a reason for such an initiative as people will come to know to whom they were renting out their premises if a proper background check is conducted.”

He however said that preventing crimes is the major initiative and added that curbing terrorism is also an agenda for the city police taking initiative.