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TN announces overseas training programme for 150 farmers

Chennai, Mar 21 (IANS)

Tamil Nadu agriculture minister, MRK Panneerselvam in his agriculture budget for the financial year 2023-23 has announced that 150 farmers from the state would be provided overseas training in new farming techniques.

He said that the farmers would be taken to countries were modern methods of farming are deployed including in Israel, Philippines, Netherlands, Egypt, Malaysia and Thailand.

The minister while presenting his budget said that deploying high yield technologies have led to high productivity in certain countries. He said that the farmers of Tamil Nadu would be eager to adopt these technologies in their fields if they are provided an opportunity to  visit these countries and see for themselves the improvement in farming there.

The minister said that “Seeing is believing and doing is learning”. He also announced Rs 3 crore  from the Union government and state government funds for the expenses of taking farmers overseas.

MRK Panneerselvam also announced a project to create a gene bank of traditional vegetable seeds to popularise them and an amount of Rs 1.5 crore was sanctioned for the project. He said that the District level seed festivals would be conducted and state level seminars would also be held.

He said that the farmers who have preserved maximum traditional vegetable seeds  will be given awards and added that these traditional seeds would be multiplied at the state horticultural farms and distributed to farmers and public.

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