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TN forest department commence probe after two wild elephants found dead in Dharmapuri

The Tamil Nadu forest department has commenced probe after two wild elephants were found dead in separate areas on Monday

Chennai, April 4 (BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu forest department has commenced probe after two wild elephants were found dead in separate areas on Monday. The dead body of a female elephant was found floating in water at ‘Chinnar’ river near Pennagaram forest area on Monday and villagers informed the Hogenakkal forest department officials who rushed to the spot.  Forest officials at Hogenakkal forest department told BPNS that the elephant would have reached the spot along with its herd to drink water from Chinnar river and would have got trapped in the slush unable to come out.

The forest department conducted a post-mortem and buried the elephant in the forest area. However, sources in the department told BPNS that on the basis of the postmortem report, the department has commenced a probe and to clear the Chinnar river of slush and weeds to prevent wild animals getting trapped in it and die. A team of senior forest officers will be arriving at the Chinnar area to understand the situation in the river bank.

In a separate incident, a male tusker was found dead a few kilometers away in the Dharmpuri district itself and the forest department commenced an investigation.  Forest officials told BPNS that there were no external injuries on the eight-year-old male elephant. A postmortem was conducted and the carcass was cremated near the Podur forest area. Forest officials told BPNS that a probe has already begun regarding the death of the elephant.

It may be recalled that three female elephants died recently after they got electric shock from an electric fence erected by a farmer to prevent wild elephants from entering his farm. However the voltage that pass through the fence was high leading to the on the spot death of the elephants and the farmer Murugan was arrested and remanded in judicial custody.

R. Swaminathan, Director, Wild Life study centre, Salem while speaking to BPNS said, “The forest department must have a proper road map to prevent elephants foraying near the human habitats getting an electric shock and dying. Also, the rivers and other water bodies have to be properly maintained so that elephants and other wild animals are not trapped in slush and die as happened in the Chinnar River. There has to be a detailed study on these matters and Tangedco must be directed to remove all the low electric lines that could lead to elephants getting in touch with them when they rise the trunks leading to immediate deaths. A bit of caution from the government departments can prevent deaths of wildlife.”

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