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Vincent Van Gogh.. the great artist who lived in misery and hardship all his life

Most of the artists have lived their lives through abject poverty… through sickness…and so many more…. It will be only after their death that their talent is recognized  and they have raised to fame.

Shakeela Sainu Kalarickal/ Punalur/ June 18

Most of the artists have lived their lives through abject poverty… through sickness…and so many more…. It will be only after their death that their talent is recognized  and they have raised to fame.

Vincent Van Gogh’s story is no different. His life was full of mental illness and poverty It was his younger brother  Harry who had supported him with money..

The great artist was suffering from mental illness and had once presented a painting to the doctor who treats him who was  an art connoisseur and occasional painter.

The doctor bought it and put it in his clinic and when the  next time Vincent went there, he was disturbed to see the neglected picture.

He asked the doctor why he had not  framed it yet? and when when the doctor said he could order the frame next week, Van Gogh was upset and asked the doctor to do it then and there, that very moment.

The doctor, who had often seen Van Gogh lose his mind, told him to keep quiet.

Van Gogh lost his balance He immediately took out the gun from his pocket and was about to fire when suddenly he gained composure.

He thought that he was slipping into the valley of frenzy, he regained his composure and fled away. The great painter then walked around the church premises there and on crossing the cemetery, you will see yellow fields lying in bloom.

Vincent always walks around with his “easel” tied on his back and to get rid of the guilt of having acted like this, he placed the easel on the ground  and started painting.

Crows were flying above the ripe fields.

Why are you drawing in doubt when you have finished drawing?How many years have you been drawing?There is no use.All the drawings are given to brother “Theo”.
With absolute right.

Only one was sold. He wanted  to open a gallery of his paintings what to do, His brother was also in dire poverty. Yet he paid for food, paint and canvas of Van Gogh
Harry had a family including a wife and child who was sick. The baby boy was named after Van Gogh. At times, he came with the baby. He did not keep the  baby  down from his hands and showed him the birds and animals. As if a miracle has happened and by  God’s grace, the child’s illness was cured.

Van Gogh was completely disappointed by all this. Life became difficult and he thought that he cannot  go any further .and thought of death. He thought that death was the hope. You can’t say goodbye with a picture. Travelogues cannot be brought to life by dyes. So looking at the brightness of the sun, he took the revolver pressed close to his ribs and fired it. However Van Gogh did not die. Four hours later when the doctor was examining him, Van Gogh murmured,”I messed that up too…Couldn’t organize life. Incapable of dying well. The next day, his brother Theo was in a sad mental state on finding  Van Gogh like this who was muttering
“One must be dead!” God showed mercy.Thirty-seven years of hard and tough life ended and Vincent Van Gogh was freed from the ordeal. Later his pictures gained popularity.
Each picture was sold for millions of dollars.
Like his paintings, the letters he wrote to his brother, Theo, were colorful and emotional.

The letters, preserved in three volumes, were published in several languages. Letters to Theo is Van Gogh’s autobiography. Distinguished contribution of the painter to literature.
Van Gough had looked everywhere for colors and colourful scenes. Many of the letters are a study into how to transform color into emotions.

From his birthday, March 30, to his day of passing away on July 29, the streets where Van Gogh wandered starving in torn clothes are now lavish with huge celebrations.

Van Gogh paintings have been sold for the highest price in the world. His brother Harry aka Theo also did not wait to see this and never recovered from the trauma of the death of his brother.Theo also passed away within six months. In the cemetery among the wheat fields of “Overs”. Theo is also laid to rest next to Van Gogh.

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