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Madras Medical Mission sets up Surgical Oncology Dept

Madras Medical Mission sets up a Surgical Oncology Dept, a Ward for International patients and a Pneumatic Transport system

Chennai, June 20 (BPNS) 

Madras Medical Mission sets up a Surgical Oncology Dept, a Ward for International patients and a Pneumatic Transport system

 MMM expands their offerings by adding a Surgical Oncology Dept and has done this  to address the increase in cancer patients and offer them timely intervention. The MMM has set up a floor as a Ward for their Premium/International patients. MMM installs a pneumatic transport system – Chute System – to connect parts of the facility

 Chute System reduces the amount of human touch on items being delivered within the hospital 13 th June, 2023 Chennai.

The MMM have also set up an International patient ward facility to cater to the International patients. To increase operational efficiency, the hospital  has  installed a pneumatic transport system which allows various units in the hospital to be connected directly to each other.

The estimated number of incident cases of cancer in India for the year 2022 was found to be 14,61,427. In India, one in nine people are likely to develop cancer in his/her lifetime. Lung and breast cancers were the leading sites of cancer in males and females, respectively.

 The incidence of cancer cases is estimated to increase by 12.8 per cent by 2025 as compared to 2020. To address these growing numbers of cancer patients and to ensure timely intervention in these cases were among the objectives of setting up the surgical oncology department. Dr. Senthil Kumar A C, Head of Surgical Oncology, said, “The Health Secretary of Tamil Nadu had stated last year that the incidence of cancer patients in Tamil Nadu is slowly on the rise and MMM sees it as a call to action. Cancer treatment doesn’t end with radiation or chemotherapy alone, the allied specialties including Physiotherapy, Dental, ENT, Pain services and Psychiatry are also involved in rehabilitation of such patients.” The Surgical Oncology Department offers diagnostic services, curative (Surgical, Chemotherapy) and palliative treatment for Head and neck tumours, Chest Cancers, Gastrointestinal Cancers, Skin Cancers and Soft Tissue & Bone sarcomas.

Premium / International Patients Ward MMM have set up a floor of the hospital as a ward catering to international and premium patients outfitted to world class standards of healthcare.

Tamil Nadu, an important centre for medical diagnosis and treatment, is a hub for medical services in this part of the world. According to the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Chennai attracts about 40 percent of the country’s medical tourists. The hospital also estimate that 15 lakh patients visit Tamil Nadu every year for medical diagnosis and treatment.

“This facility for the international patients offers one nurse per patient, pre-operative consultations, well-appointed luxury rooms and airport transfers, among other features. Medical treatment in Chennai costs significantly less than in developed countries, about onethird of the cost. This, along with Chennai’s reputation for high-quality medical care, has made it a popular choice for medical tourism.MMM continues to expand into new segments where we could make a difference given our expertise and history of over four decades in healthcare in the city” said Dr. Raju George, CEO, MMM. Pneumatic Transport System.

MMM have installed a Pneumatic Transport System that connects different units of the hospital, managed by a simple software. This system has multiple advantages as it reduces the need for human touch which ensures the hygienic nature of the system, does not need skilled operators, reduces time and manpower needed for intra-hospital transport and moves material at speeds that can be customized according to the item/ specimen being transported.

It allows for blood specimens, drugs, test reports, bottles, small surgical equipment etc. to be transported between various units of the facility. The material to be transported is put into a capsule like container and it is inserted into the pneumatic station and the destination is selected on a touch screen. Called the Chute System, the system interconnects Patient’s registration, examination room, emergency room, laboratory, hospital pharmacy and blood bank and other areas, as necessary. The Chute System can transport items silently in hygienic and spill-proof carriers over long distances within the facility at speeds between 4 and 7 m/sec.

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