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Kerala-based car enthusiast and traveller sets record for fastest solo drive on Indian mainland 

Travelling and exploring India which is diverse in terms of food, culture, landscape and climate is a dream for many travelling enthusiasts.

Steni Simon / June 22

Travelling and exploring India which is diverse in terms of food, culture, landscape and climate is a dream for many travelling enthusiasts. As others, car enthusiast and social media influencer Emil George also dreamt of travelling through all the states and Union Territories of Mainland India and he has successfully completed the trip thereby getting himself a place in the India Book of Records 2023 for the Fastest Solo Car Expedition across the mainland of India.

He started his journey from Kochi in Kerala and travelled 19,426 km in 97 days from September 20, 2022 till December 26, 2022 covering all the 28 states and 6 Union Territories on a Tata Harrier, along with his friend Sherin, a YouTuber.

Emil, a native of Kannur district in Kerala was always fascinated by cars from his childhood days. When he grew up, he further explored his love for travel and travelling to different places like Nepal and Bhutan. However, travelling to different parts of India was still on his bucket list. “Before embarking on this trip, I had travelled to Nepal and Bhutan which gave me an understanding of the roads. My friend, Sherin, told me to do a trip to the North East but I thought instead of just covering the North East region, we should travel through all the states of India and Union Territories during this expedition,” shares Emil, who drove during the entire journey.

During the trip, Emil faced many hurdles which halted their journey but his only aim was to complete the trip in this single expedition. “We faced challenges like natural calamities such as a landslide in North Sikkim which halted our journey for a few days. Similarly, while driving through Tripura, it was risky and we were even stopped by some thieves on the way but luckily, we escaped. We had to traverse some of the worst roads in the North East but we were quite impressed by the disciplined driving of the people of Mizoram. There was absolutely no honking and we could see people patiently waiting for vehicles to clear,” he says.

Usually, tourists don’t travel to Ladakh during December due to the heavy snowfall but Emil says, “We were lucky because there was no significant snowfall that time. We reached Hanle, a village close to the Tibetan border which had the worst of the weather. The temperature even dropped to minus 25 the whole night causing some minor faults to the vehicle. But we finally reached Leh, the next day where the vehicular problems were resolved.”

Speaking about his journey, the 35-year-old says, “The biggest thrill for me was when I reached the Umling La pass which has the highest motorable road in the world. We reached Umling La in winter and the route from Leh to Umling La was literally deserted except for a few military vehicles.”

Emil, however, says the record was never in his mind and it was after his friends suggested that he approached the authorities of the India Book of Records. He says, “Throughout the journey, I took care of my car as a third person. Thus, I could reach back safely without a single scratch on my car,” says Emil is planning to drive through all the European countries in his next trip.


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