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TN Southern districts alerted on possible caste-related violence

Caste and caste related disputes leading to violence and killings is not new to Tamil Nadu and periodically it happens in the state.

Chennai, June 27 (BPNS) 

Caste and caste related disputes leading to violence and killings is not new to Tamil Nadu and periodically it happens in the state. Sources in the police told BPNS that the state police intelligence has issued a recent warning to officers in Southern Tamil Nadu on the possibility of certain caste related violence in the districts of Madurai, Theni, Tirunelveli, Kanniyakumari.

It may be noted that immediately after the DMK government under Stalin assumed office ,there was a spate of back to back killings in Madurai and Tirunelveli districts of Tamil Nadu. In these killings which were mainly revenge killings between Dalit communities and a caste Hindu group, more than four people lost their lives. Tamil Nadu DGP had to camp in Madurai and curb the violence by taking strong action.

The police had then directed all the shops in the district selling knives, matchets, sickles and other farm equipment like axes to get the phone numbers and addresses of the buyers of these items. After this became mandatory, there was a lull in the attacks and the killings had come down.

However, police told BPNS that this was routine information passed on by the state intelligence to make the district and regional police heads prepare themselves for any such eventuality.

Even as the Dravidian political parties – be it DMK or AIADMK, have been ruling Tamil Nadu since the past five decades, the issue of caste is a reality in Tamil society and at times this turns brutal and often leading to one or the other losing their lives in bloody spars.

There were murders and retaliation between the Dalits and the Thevar community and even the head of the killed were severed and kept at the grave of the persons who were killed a few years before. The police had to take a strong stand to crush the violence and many people were arrested and put behind the bars.

With the 2024 general elections, only a few months away and the DMK wanting to take a major space in the evolving political climate in the country, Chief Minister MK Stalin who is also in charge of the home does not want any skirmishes in the name of caste in the state, thereby bringing a bad reputation to the state. In a recent meeting with top honchos of the state police, the Chief Minister has directed them to up their ante on any possible issues in the state and to beef up their intelligence network.

Police intelligence, according to sources have got information that there could be some retaliation between the Dalits and Thevars and have directed all the district police superintendents to be alert and to have all the local police stations to be on vigil against any minor fights taking place in their station limits.

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