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Israel Police arrest man for desecrating Muslim cemetery

Tel Aviv , Dec 28( IANS)

The Israel police said that it has arrested a person suspected to be behind desecrating a Muslim cemetery with a severed head of a donkey.

The incident occurred Israeli in a Muslim cemetery in annexed east Jerusalem’s Old City where a severed head of a donkey was hanged.

Jerusalem police in a statement said that the 35-year-old was “unbalanced,” and added that he was arrested after they were alerted that a man had “broken the law and disrupted public order by hanging the head of a donkey” at the cemetery.

Police said that the man when arrested was with an axe and added that his accomplice was also in custody.
Social media is flooded with the photographs of the head of a donkey hanging from a fence of the cemetery.

Meanwhile the Muslim Wakf Islamic affairs council in a statement said ,”A Jewish extremist slit the throat of a donkey today at the Golden Gate cemetery before hanging it over the Muslim graves there and added that it was a serious desecration of one of the main historic Muslim cemeteries in Jerusalem.

Israel police however said that it has taken a strong position in the matter and that no one would be spared if found guilty. It also appealed to people to refrain from any act that would imbalance communal harmony.

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