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Antony changes the narrative of Kerala elections

- March 25, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram, March 25(BPNS)

The senior Congress leader and former Chief minister of Kerala A.K. Antony MP who is in Kerala for electioneering of opposition UDF candidates seems to have changed the political narrative of the state.

Antony ,one of the most shrewd politicians of Kerala ,has in a press conference on Wednesday said that the LDF government under Pinarayi Vijayan should not be given a second term as it would hamper the development of the state.

In an interview to Asianet television on Thursday, Antony said, “The LDF government under Pinarayi should not be given a second term as it would mean the total loss for the state. The arrogance of the CPM and Chief minister will be such that they wont even listen to party Politbureau and that there wont be anyone to control the government.”

He also said, “The absolute rule of CPM in West Bengal for more than three decades led to the total debacle of the state and thereby destroyed the CPM.  That party is totally lost in West Bengal and is fighting for survival, the same thing will happen in Kerala.”

This statement from the Congress working committee member has given much room for thought to ordinary CPM workers and most of the party workers and sympathisers are not happy with the performance of the Pinarayi Vijayan government and Antony was aiming at such a constituency.

C Rajeev of Centre for Policy and Development Studies, a think tank based out of Thiruvananthpuram and Chennai said, “Antony’s remarks have created confusion in the minds of CPM, Congress and BJP workers and the Bengal connect will be mostly repeated in Kerala also if a repeat of the LDF happens here. Most of the party cadres does not want the party to loose at the expense of a second term and that was what Antony exactly wanted.”

Even the BJP workers knows that all the smooth talking of Pinarayi Vijayan and the CPM is the smile of the Jackal under the garb of a goat and that if a second term gets for the LDF, then the Chief minister will be unstoppable and will do anything and everything he wants.

With the Latin Catholic church coming out openly against the government and with the Right to information documents received by Asianet revealing that the deep sea trawl deal with EMCC was  conducted with the knowledge of the Chief minister, the left will have to struggle in the coastal belt. There are 48 assembly seats in the state where the coastal belt have a major say.

Antony has indeed changed the narrative of the elections in Kerala and the days to come will prove that this taking the centre stage in the elections of the state.