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AIADMK, BJP combine will bite the dust in elections, Rahul Gandhi

- March 28, 2021

Chennai, March 28(BPNS)

Senior leader of the Congress party and former AICC president, Rahul Gandhi said that the AIADMK, BJP combine will bite the dust in the ensuing assembly elections. He was addressing a public rally at Salem with the DMK president MK Stalin.

The Congress leader said that the BJP leadership is ill treating the Tamil Nadu Chief minister Edappady K Palaniswami and added that this was owing to his “Corruption”.

Rahul Gandhi said that Palaniswami bowing and prostrating before Prime minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and RSS leadership is equivalent to insulting the great “Tamil Culture”. He said that the Congress believes in equality and said ,” We believe in equality and any relationship which is not equal is useless.”

Rahul Gandhi said that there was a full scale assault on the idea of Tamil Nadu and called upon the people to be on guard against this assault.

The Congress leader said, “RSS and Narendra Modi wants everyone to be subservient and to bow before their supremacy and they intend to do the same on Tamil Nadu and people of Tamil Nadu. They don’t know that the great people of Tamil Nadu have never bowed before anyone in history and that they would reciprocate love and attachment “Twice” what was given to them.”

The Gandhi scion also expressed his desire to learn Tamil and added that while the previous elections were between AIADMK and DMK ,the present one is between AIADMK, Modi, Shah and RSS on the one side and Tamil people on the other side.

Rahul said that in the April 6 elections people will vote for the DMK, Congress combine and AIADMK, Modi, Shah and RSS will bite the dust. He also added “ It is going to be a government that is not controlled by New Delhi”.

The Congress leader said that all democracy , constitution and all independent institutions are under attack and said that real independence will not happen with only Stalin becoming the Chief minister but instead by removing the Saffron power  from  New Delhi.

DMK president MK Stalin said that the Congress, DMK combine is slated to come to power with a landslide but called upon the cadres not to be complacent and to work at the ground tirelessly for a bright Tamil Nadu.