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Annapoorna restaurant retorts to Tejasvi Surya

- April 4, 2021

Chennai, April 6(BPNS)

Tejasvi Surya, National president of the Bharatheeya Janatha Yuva Morcha(BJYM), the youth wing of the BJP got a fitting reply from the Annapoorna restaurant at Coimbatore. The incident happened when Tejasvi tweeted that he had a hearty breakfast at Coimbatore and that he had made payment and that he is not like leaders of parties like DMK who did take money from even small businesses.

Annapoorana restaurant had in a tweet said that they appreciate the praise on the food served by them to the MP. However the restaurant said that they used to greet everyone with the same love and gratitude. The restaurant’s tweet also read that everyone comes forward to pay their bills and that no one has forced them to provide anything free. The restaurant further stated that they used to refrain collecting money from some people over the fact that they serve the society.

Tejasvi Soorya is on a whirl wind election campaign in Tamil Nadu and has reached Coimbatore for the electioneering of BJP women’s wing national president, Vanathi Srinivasan.