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Wide spread violence in Kazhakootam constituency as CPM smells failure

- April 6, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram, April 6(BPNS)

With the elections reaching a fag end in Kerala with polling touching 71.33 percent votes, the CPM has unleashed violence at Kazhakootam constituency.

CPM leader and Minister for Co-operarives and Dewaswoms ,Kadakampally Surendran is locked in a strong three cornered contest with Shobha Surendran of the BJP and Dr SS Lal of the Indian National Congress.

With the challenger,Shobha giving a tough fight to Kadakampally Surendran, there has been friction between the CPM and BJP, RSS cadres across the constituency.

In the morning of April 6, there was heavy polling at Kazhakootam constituency and there was a feel that Shobha is gaining ground and then the situation took a turn with CPM unleashing  violence.

4 BJP workers including women were injured in the alleged attack of CPM workers at Kattayikonam in Kazhakootam constituency which is considered a red fort in the annals of CPM.

BJP leader and NDA candidate for Kazhakootam assembly constituency, Shobha Surendran rushed to the spot along with RSS leader G Padmakumar and had a heated argument with the police. Shobha while speaking to Bharath Post said ,” The CPM has unleashed violence with the support of Police. I don’t say that all policemen are CPM supporters but there are a few who are doing this and they have to be curtailed. We will not move from here until criminal case is charged against the offenders.”

A few hours later CPM alleged that a group of RSS workers had reached Kattayikonam in a car and had attacked CPM workers.

CPM candidate from Kazhakootam and Minister for dewaswom, Kadakampally Surendran while speaking to media persons said, “The police has taken a very negative approach and RSS workers from outside the constituency has reached here and I had already apprised the police officers on the same. However Police seems to be showing a much lenient attitude towards RSS and is arresting CPM workers without any reason even by raiding their homes.”

Political analyst and Director of Centre for Policy and  Development Studies(CPDS), C Rajeev while speaking to Bharath Post said, “ The CPM is fearing a loss and hence they are trying to intimidate the voters at the last moment using violent means which is unacceptable in a democracy.”