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IIT- Madras to launch fellowship in Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

- April 11, 2021

Chennai, April 11BPNS)

The Indian Institute of Technology – Madras in association with Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Narayanan family foundation are jointly bringing out a fellowship in Artificial Intelligence for Social good.

In a press release, B Raveendran, the head of the centre at IIT-M  said, “ The project is designed to establish independent research profile and to contribute significantly to socially relevant research in Artificial Intelligence(AI)”.

Interested scholars and students can apply via ,https://rbscdsai.iitm.ac.in/nf3/. The RBCDSAI works with Central ,state and local governments and in several sectors for insights into the latest developments in social sector researches.

Phd graduates who have recently completed the course or researchers in computer science ,computational and data sciences ,biomedical sciences, management, finance and other branches.

Research fellows will get salary ranging from Rs 15 lakh to Rs 18 lakh per year, based on the experience for a non- renewable period of three years. The research fellows are also eligible for a one time grant of Rs 30 lakhs ,the press release said.