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Southern Railway issues advisory to passengers as Covid 19 surges

- April 12, 2021

Chennai, April 12(BPNS)

The Southern Railway has issued a travel advisory to passengers travelling by trains in the railway division as Covid 19 surges. The railway division has in its advisory cautioned passengers with mild cold like symptoms and feverish tendencies not to travel. It has also asked the passengers who are in mandatory quarantine not to conduct a travel.

Southern Railway in its advisory also called upon the passengers to wear mask, and to keep a distance from fellow passengers and to use personal sanitizers.

The railway communique also said that if the travel is unavoidable, passengers must carry food and water and called upon the passengers to follow the safety protocols of the destination states and also to produce e-pass or other documents to the railway staff during the course of the journey.

Southern Railway will also conduct regular announcements on Covid precautions through public address system and to make people aware on the dangers of the disease.

K Rajagopal, senior officer, Southern Railway, Chennai while speaking to BPNS said, “We have issued the travel advisory for the people to comply with the Covid norms and to practice the Covid advisories issues by the destination states.”