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Coimbatore residents protest against Smart City project

- April 16, 2021

Chennai, April 16(BPNS)

Citizens of Coimbatore ,Race Course have signed in large numbers against the proposed Smart City project of the city. A group of environmentalists and concerned citizens have started an e-petition of change.org website to “Save race course”.

The petition campaign was launched by the Environment Conservation Group president R Mohammed Saleem. The petition was filed after the residents of the area complained that more than 70 trees were cut and uprooted for the Smart City project and Thomas Park which had a few rare shrubs was also destroyed.

Mohammed Saleem while speaking to BPNS said, “ Other than the 70 trees that were cut, they have removed three traffic islands as well. They have also removed the Children’s playground and park at the entrance of West Club road”.

Saleem added, “During the pandemic these green parks were the only respite for stress and it is sad to see that this is lost forever in the name of development”.

The Environment conservation group in its study found that the suggested open space for a person is found to be 10 to 12 Sqm but in Coimbatore it is only 2 sqm.

M Sunderrajan , Member ,Thanal another conservation group based out of Coimbatore said, “Destroying the  children’s play areas and traffic islands are clear and blatant violations of environment and have made the areas accident prone.”

The residents of Race Course were against the Smart City project and renovation of Race course since the work commenced an year ago. The e-petition in change.org has touched more than 2000 within 24 hours of its launch.

S Nagarajan , a retired employee of BHEL and a resident of Race course while speaking to BPNS said,” It is indeed sad that the peaceful area is being destroyed in the name of development. This is a blatant violation of nature and those responsible have to be taken to task.”