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Chennai corporation opens tele counselling centres

- April 18, 2021

Chennai, April 18(BPNS)

The Greater Chennai Corporation opened a telecounseling centre on Sunday. The counselling centre will have 100 lines to help those in home isolation.

The Chennai corporation commissioner G Prakash while speaking to BPNS said, “Last year the tele counselling centre did a commendable job and as cases are increasing we have opened this centre again. The highest number of cases per day last year was 2,393 but now we have 1000 more and we have restarted all the initiatives we took last year.”

Last year the centre had attended to 4 lakh calls and was closed in December after the cases had come down and is now being reopened due to the mounting cases.

The telecounseling centres during last year had helped develop green corridors and worked among the patients to remove their depression and also helped people to buy essentials.

The Greater Chennai corporation is identifying 500 symptomatic cases everyday and around 11,000 fever workers are surveying households daily to  find symptomatic people. Out of the 12,600 beds, about 1104 beds are occupied now.