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People returns empty handed after standing in day long queue for Remdesivir

Chennai, May 1(BPNS)

People who stand in long queues at Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai from morning 8 am to 5pm for Remdesivir drug are returning empty handed cursing their fate. The counters at Kilpauk medical college closes by 5 pm each day and there are heated exchanges between the people in the queue and the hospital staff.

The long queues in front of the Kilpauk Medical College starts early at 5am but the two counters open only at 9 am and daily around 500 people are provided the medicines, however more than 2500 people reach the counters ,that is around five times the quantity of the medicine available. This is creating issues with people even threatening with road blocking.

M Selvasubramaniam 49, who is from Tiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu stood in the queue from 9 am till 5 pm on Friday but was disappointed as he could not get the medicine.

While speaking to BPNS, he says,” I was standing from morning till evening but had to return empty handed. A voluntary organization in Chennai has told me that they can help by providing volunteers to stand in queue and help me get the medicine. They are asking 1500 rupees per day and I think ,I will pay up and get the medicine.”

With the demand increases and the medicine falling short, the coming days will also see a rush of those in need of the drug and if the government does not increase the volume, then there could be problems at the counters.

Most of the doctors in Tamil Nadu are prescribing Remdesivir as the public wants this drug to be administered. The doctors fear that if they don’t prescribe this drug, the public may not be satisfied.