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Amateur scientist experiments on Tesla coil to create awareness among school students on science

- May 19, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram, May 19(BPNS)

VS Sabu, an amateur scientist from Thiruvannathapuram had arguably created the first Robot in India in 1987 has now come with a different study and project in energy. This time this amateur scientist has conducted a study on the Tesla coil innovated and founded in the 19th century by Nicolas Tesla  which allows wireless transfer of electricity.

This amateur scientist who is conducting private classes for  engineering students  has done experiments in Tesla coil mainly to create an awareness among the teachers and students on how scientific projects have to be undertaken and studied while the students are in school itself.

The tesla coil which was developed by VS Sabu just to quench his innovative thirst has however gone viral with more than 4 million views after it was posted in social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

While the Tesla coil founded by the Nicolas Tesla, the Serbian, American inventor did not create much traction in the industrial world, the coil producing high voltage, low-current, high frequency alternating current is still a major attraction for science buffs.

The new Tesla coil created by VS Sabu will give an output of 3 lakh volts output to an input of 230 volts. If an LED bulb is held near the coil it lights up and the transfer of current can be very much seen.  Tesla coil circuits were used commercially until the 1920’s in spark gap radio transmitters for wireless telegraphy. It was also widely used in medical equipment such as electro therapy and violet ray devises.

The Tesla coils are used even today as leak detectors for high vaccum systems and now mostly the use of these coils are for studies and exhibitions.

Sabu while speaking to BPNS said, “ I have around 38 years of experience in design, development of robots and I entered into experimenting with Tesla coils after I found it interesting and passionate on. The new generation is not experimenting with such technologies and I wanted to recreate a Tesla coil to kindle interest in that among science students and engineering students.”

After Sabu completed making the Tesla coil he posted the video in social media platforms like Youtube and Instagram and both were instant hits.

Sabu says,” The video of the coil which I created went viral in social media and people around the world has watched it. More  than 4 million people watched this video and most of them are students from India and abroad.”

The amateur scientist is of the opinion that student community in developed countries like the United states does lot of experimentation with technologies founded by the previous generation and these experimentation in their school projects are bringing out good innovations from these countries.

He said that he dedicate the project to young innovative minds of the country and the Tesla coil was set up during 2020 after he got struck at home during the first wave of the pandemic and subsequent lock down.

Sabu while speaking to BPNS said, “ I have set up a solid state Tesla coil of 2 Kw with input voltage of 230 v and output voltage of 300 kv. This is controlled using a semi-conductor called insulated gate bipolar transistor.”

The amateur scientist who teaches students of Engineering colleges with projects and practical classes said that the Tesla coil which he has made has the largest ion propulsion thrust he has ever seen.

He is also into the production of Jacob Ladder, mineral separator, dancing plasma fire etc.

Sabu said that the students in foreign countries brings up with such projects even in high school classes and that these innovations and experiments and this has led to several innovations in the west.