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Vegetable prices in Chennai suburbs soars as supply reduces

- May 30, 2021

Chennai, May 30(BPNS)

With the Tamil Nadu state extending lockdown till June 7, people are wary of the shortage in vegetables and hike in prices. People around the suburbs of Chennai in like Avadi and Chengalpet areas have complained that the vegetable prices are spiked up as the supply is much reduced and residents have to wait for days to get a minimum quantity of vegetables. While the authorities are claiming that enough vehicles are plying in Chennai suburbs with vegetables, residents are projecting a different picture.

Rajagopal Muthuswamy a retired central government employee who lives on the outskirts of Avadi corporation while speaking to BPNS said,” We are not getting vegetables, and shops are shut. We have to depend on the milk vendors to get us vegetables and they charge heftily. A kilogram of Brinjal is costing 80 rupees while a kilogram of Carrot is charged 85 rupees. Even if we are ready to pay, vegetables are not available.”

However in Greater Chennai Corporation,mini trucks with vegetables are reaching the respective streets in regular intervals and this is giving the residents a regular supply of vegetables.

The situation has mostly affected senior  citizens who are not able to move out due to the pandemic and are largely depending on online delivery of vegetables.

Residents of areas like Gopalapuram and Pattbiram near Avadi are facing the problems of vehicles not delivering vegetables as there are only very few vehicles that are pressed into service.

Tambaram and Chengalpettu residents are also facing a similar situation and Dr Vidya Ramaswami , a scientist working with a biotechnology firm who is at home near Tambaram working online said, “Vegetables are a must and there is  no supply and it has been a week since we could get a vehicle supplying vegetables. The authorities should not show a a blind eye to this issue and take this up seriously so that the problem is solved.”

The Avadi Corporation commissioner, P Narayanan has however a different story to narrate, and while speaking to BPNS he said,” 140 vehicles are in service and each carries a minimum of 250 kg of vegetables. I don’t know why such complaints are being raised, will look into the matter and do the needful if there are any issues as alleged.”