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Animal Welfare board distributes rice and wheat bran to feed stray dogs, cows

- May 31, 2021

Chennai, May 31(BPNS)

The Tamil Nadu State Animal Welfare board which is functioning under the state Animal husbandry department is to help stray animals including dogs and cows in the streets just like it had chipped in during the lockdown in the first wave of the pandemic.

Tamil Nadu State Animal Husbandry officials said that they have received 1250 kg of rice from the Tamil Nadu rice mill owners association. Aavin, the state government milk undertaking has also donated 1 lakh rupees worth of milk powder to be given for feeding newborns throughout the state.

The department will deliver the collected materials to recognized organisations that are working in the area of animal welfare including some individuals who are at the forefront of feeding stray animals. The state animal husbandry department has already sent a circular to all the district collectors to coordinate with these animal welfare organisations and individuals who used to feed strays in their respective jurisdictions.

Selvaraj Manikantan, an activist who is feeding stray dogs at Madurai while speaking to BPNS  said, “I have already been contacted by the district administration and conveyed to me that the state animal husbandry the department will be providing rice and skimmed milk powder to feed strays. Already I am feeding some dogs in the neighbourhood and this would be of great help as I was running from pillar to post to get the materials.”

Other than the stray dogs and cattle, 25 gunny bags of wheat bran will also be distributed by the animal husbandry department to feed the horses which are used for joy rides in Marina beach.

Wilson Peter , a horse owner at Marina beach while speaking to BPNS said,” Yes we have received the wheat bran and its of immense help as we were not able to get the necessary wheat to feed the horses owing to lockdown.”