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Dr S Ramdoss calls for exact reason to be recorded in death certificates for Covid -19 deaths in TN

- June 4, 2021

Chennai, June 4(BPNS)

Founder leader of Pattali Makkal Katchi(PMK), Dr. S Ramdoss has called upon the Tamil Nadu government to mention Covid-19 in the death certificate if the patient dies by the pandemic. The PMK leader urged the government to rectify these mistakes before issuing the death certificate.

In a statement issued on Friday, the PMK leader said that with the reason of death not mentioned properly in death certificates, families are finding it difficult to get the benefit for the patients who dies due to Covid-19.

Ramdoss who is also a medical doctor said that in several death certificates, the cause of death even for those who die of Covid-19 are mentioned as due to lung ailment, heart disease or pneumonia which is unacceptable.  This will lead to the affected families not being able to get the benefits announced by the state and central governments.

The senior PMK leader said that the state government should study this issue in detail and ensure that the reason for the death is mentioned correctly so that the families of the dead people get the benefits announced by the central and state governments.