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Rally and protest in Karachi Sindh against land grabbing of Sindh

- June 6, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram, June 6(BPNS)

Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement ( JSFM) organized a rally and protest in support of Sindh action committee’s protest call against Bahria town , Defense Housing Authority (DHA) and other mega projects in Sindh.  The protest was organized through video call under the chairmanship of Chief Organizer Zafar Sahito.

Speaking on the occasion, the leaders said that JSFM  would soon announce a strong struggle for the end of all imperialist conspiracies against Sindh and will work for  permanent solution  for those  problems.

The meeting discussed that the Original Sindhi’s inhabitants are the owners and heirs of  every inch of Sindh and that the Sindh people know very well how to protect their Mother land .

The group also asserted that they will never allow destruction of villages in Kohistan and exploitation of 

resources.  Through  DHA mega City , Islands mega projects , coastal belt projects , Pakistan army cantonments and other Bahria mega projects Punjabi establishment is in action on the agenda to merge Sindh in greater Punjab plan .  JSFM Leaders condemned occupation of the ancient villages of Kohistan, Gopa Town, Kathor , Moiida Dam  and Panhwar mountains. 

The organization charged that Malik Raiz  civilian puppet of Pakistan army with the help of Feudal  government of Sindh has launched its strategy on the occupation of Sindh.

The Puppet has on the other  day with his armed men, police , rangers and heavy machinery reached to destroy historical old residences and houses of Sindhi people in Kohistan area of Sindh .

JSFM central body organizers discussed on the issue and decided to continue the struggle of freedom of Sindhudesh and against all oppression. 

During the meeting, the leaders warned of complete resistance by  the condemnation against the occupation over Kohistan’s ancient river and villages by Malik Raiz  and Sindh government.

 The leaders said that  this act  was a declaration of complete Punjabi occupation as permanent colonialism mind set and is of the opinion that in the name of mega projects it is a strategy of  Punjabi occupation over Sindh.

 On the occasion, leaders said that Sindh people are the heirs of every  inches of Sindh and  clearly know how to protect the mother land.