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Tirupur export companies commence business with a 10% workforce

- June 7, 2021

Chennai, June 7(BPNS)

The Export hub of South India, Tirupur has resumed business in export units and garment companies after the state government has given permission to operate the industrial units abiding by the Covid-19 protocol .However, only 10% of the labour force will be allowed to work in the company.

The Tamil Nadu government has allowed those companies which have exporting units, orders for export, and their vendor units providing inputs to such  export, units are allowed to function with 10% of the workforce for carrying out export-related work. Mainly samples are being sent from these units during this period as the number of workers are far less.

Tirupur exporters association has welcomed the move and president of the organization, Raja Shanmugham while speaking to BPNS said, “Yes this is a welcome move. Ours is a business that caters to western markets and is a multi-seasonal business. Before the season commences, we have to send the samples to the clients and get approvals and once we get approvals it requires 4 to 5 months to deliver the order.”

He adds, “If we don’t send the samples to clients now and get approvals, the clients would directly approach our competitors in Vietnam, Bangladesh and other countries are not locked down now. During the first wave of the pandemic, it was a global shut down and we were in the same boat as other countries, but now the situation is different and most of the countries are open and hence we have to work now. We thank the government of Tamil Nadu in this regard.”

The mood in the Tirupur garment industry is buoyant even though there is a minimal workforce allowed. However, exporters have welcomed the decision.

Majestic Krishnan of Majestic exporters while speaking to BPNS said, “Even though a small workforce is only allowed, at least we are able to make the samples and send them across to our European clients. We thank the state government for this.”

The South Indian Spinners association have also requested to the Chief minister MK Stalin to allow them to operate spinning mills with operators working in the premises of the mill.

In the letter, the association requested the Chief Minister that the workers were staying in their premises and that the spinning mill owners were providing accommodation, food, and all other facilities to the workers.  However, the second wave of the pandemic led to uncertainty after the closing down of these industrial units and guest workers have started leaving and hence requested the Chief Minister and government of Tamil Nadu to allow them to open the mills.