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Protests continue in Tamil Nadu to ban Family Man 2 web series

- June 8, 2021

Chennai, June 8(BPNS)

Protests continue in Tamil Nadu with the MDMK leader and Member of Parliament, Vaiko demanding Amazon Prime to stop screening the web series, “Family Man 2” starring Manoj Bajpai, Priyamani, and Samantha. The MDMK leader said that several scenes in the series are portraying Tamils in poor light and that the series be banned immediately.

The Tamil Nadu Minister for Information Technology, Mano Sunderraj had written a letter to Union minister for Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javedkar on May 24 calling for the banning of the web series from the OTT platform. However the producers of the web series, Amazon Prime had commenced streaming the series from June 4.

In the letter, the Tamil Nadu minister Mano Thangaraj  had said, “ the series had depicted the Eelam Tamil’s in a highly objectionable manner and that if allowed to stream it would be prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony in the state.”

One of the most popular filmmakers of Tamil Nadu, Bharathi Raja in a tweet on Monday called upon the producers of the web series, Family Man 2 to ban it. He said, “the visuals in the show reveal that the series has been made by the people who don’t know the history of Tamil Eelam fighters. I condemn the show that insults the rebellion, which was filled with good intentions, valor as well as sacrifices.”

Bharathi Raja has also urged the Union Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Prakash Javedkar immediately stops the streaming of the show.

He had also warned Amazon that if they continue streaming the series, Tamilian’s across the world will be forced to stop supporting Amazon and stop other businesses and services that are associated with it.

Earlier Naam Tamil Katchi’s (NTK) leader and actor Seeman had issued a letter to Aparna Purohit, Head of India Originals, Amazon Prime Video to stop streaming the series. He said,” Stop Streaming the Family Man 2 web series which misrepresents the Tamizhs and the valourous Eelam Liberation struggle of Tamizhs”. He also said that if the web series continues to stream, then Tamil people would be forced to boycott Amazon and its products globally.

With Amazon Prime Video’s continuing to stream the web series, protests are bound to increase in the state and it is to be seen as to how other mainstream political parties will act in the matter.