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BJP lashes out against Tamil Nadu Chief minister over the opening of TASMAC liquor shops

- June 13, 2021

Chennai, June 13(BPNS)

BJP Tamil Nadu state president L Murugan said that the TASMAC liquor shops should be  closed down and not allowed to open from 10 am to 5 pm as announced by the state government.

The senior BJP leader in a press meet from the party-state headquarters, “Kamalalayam” said that the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and DMK party is showing duplicity in opening of the TASMAC liquor shops. He charged that as leader of Opposition during the previous AIADMK government’s period, Stalin had conducted protests against the opening of TASMAC shops during the first wave of pandemic.

He said,” When the AIADMK government announced the opening of TASMAC shops during the first wave of the pandemic, Stalin said that he and his party condemn it and led huge protests against it across the state. Now they are opening it. This is the height of duplicity. Government should not venture to open the TASMAC shops as it will affect the health and lives of the people badly.”

Murugan said that poor people and women have been largely affected by Covid -19 and added that such people will be affected more by the opening of liquor shops.

He said “ During the elections, the DMK had promised to shut down  TASMAC shops, and the party MP and sister of Stalin, Kanimozhi had even said that the liquor making units would be shut down, but the government is now opening TASMAC shops during the pandemic thus causing misery to the lives of poor people.”

The Tamil Nadu unit of the BJP has been vociferously criticizing the liquor shops and the opening of the TASMAC shops.