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Government announces more relaxations in 27 districts of Tamil Nadu

- June 13, 2021

Chennai, June 13(BPNS)

Tamil Nadu government announces more relaxations in 27 districts of  the state including Chennai corporation  following a decrease in the number of fresh Covid -19 cases as well as active cases in the state.

Chief minister MK Stalin in a statement said that following representations from various sections of people, the state government is providing relaxations in 27 districts of the state including the capital, Chennai.

Tea shops are permitted to function from 6 am to 5 pm from Monday onwards but the tea shops are allowed to offer only parcel services and people are not allowed to stand near the shops and consume tea. It may be recalled that when the government announced the opening of TASMAC liquor vends from Friday, there were wide spread criticisms against the government move in not allowing tea shops to function while the liquor shops were allowed to function.

M Pugazhendi, an avid blogger and social media influencer while speaking to BPNS said, “Thanks to the proactive youths of our state who came out against the government decision to allow liquor vends and prevent tea shops to function, the government was forced to allow opening tea shops, even though we are not permitted to sit or stand near these shops and consume the brew.”

He adds,” The government was forced into submission as the social media posts pointing out the discrepancies in allowing liquor shops and preventing tea shops to function was a rage in the state as well as outside.”

BJP and PMK had also condemned the opening of liquor shops from Monday onwards and the BJP is conducting protests across the state against the decision to open liquor shops.

Hotels and bakeries are  already allowed to function, state government is now allowed sweet shops also allowed to commence operation from Monday from 6 am 2 pm.

While construction companies are allowed to function, the offices of these companies were not allowed to function leading to difficulties in payment of salaries of the staff as also purchasing of construction materials.

The office of the construction companies will commence functioning with 50% of the employees. These relaxations will not be allowed in 11 districts of Tamil Nadu including seven western districts and 4 in Delta districts.